IEC  App
Connecting field managers to their employees \\ Product design experience
The internal application is designed specifically for the field managers and the technicians at the IEC.
The application is innovative. It meets the company's objectives and helps the field manager manage in a more practical and better manner.
The problem
According to the annual report of the Public Complaints Commission for the year 2018, the IEC Received 14,660 complaints including claims on various subjects. This is compared to 13,228 complaints received in 2017. That is- a rise of 1,722 complaints compared to the previous year.

In the report, there is an increase of 47 percent in the number of complaints In the power supply domain.
The solution
In order to decrease the number of power supply domain complaints, the IEC decided to develop an internal application for the field managers and the technicians. The application will include the following aims: Creating competitiveness between the technicians, increasing the manager's supervision, collecting data from the field, and display it in a coherent way to the manager. The app introduces the technicians in the field and their location, also if they are available or not. it monitors the technicians' work in real-time. ​​​​​​​
“The harder you work, the luckiest you get”
- Oz Elaster
Oz is a workaholic! he started working at the IEC company as a technician about a year ago and after 6 months he had a promotion as a field manager. Oz is 30 years old and he’s single. He completed his studies as an electrical engineer at the Be'er Sheva University two years ago and nowadays he lives in TEL Aviv in a rented apartment. When he doesn’t work, you can find him in the gym or in the pub next to his apartment. He's trying to get out of smoking - he didn’t smoke for the last 2 months! 
He’ll use the app between five or six times a week.
The Ux structure
The application is built up from four sections in the header.
The first section is ‘The situation in the field’. The user (the field manager) enters this section as soon as he gets into the app. There is a map that displays the location of the technicians and their availability and the user’s location. The map also displays stations and structures belonging to the IEC. The user can see where there are power supply domain complaints and send there an available technician to fix it.
The user can also find in this section a search line where he can filter the things that he wants to see on the map.
The second section is called ‘Malfunctions’ - the user can view the details of the malfunctions. This section includes a search line for malfunctions that the user wants to see. The field manager can view the location and the technician that handles the problem. There's a graph showing how many percent remain until the problem is handled.
The third section is ‘Aims’ and it meets the company's objectives - decreasing the number of power supply domain complaints. In this section, there is a graph that scales the percentage of malfunctions that all technicians handle during each day and month. The field manager has an option to see who the best technician is and give him a bonus at the end of the month.
The fourth section is chats - that's how the field manager can communicate with the technicians.

User journey