Pregnancy app \\ Product design experience
“Briah” is an innovative pregnancy application for ios users that provides a comprehensive picture of all necessary elements that a pregnant woman needs. The app works with all health care providers, private doctors, and hospitals.
The application provides a comprehensive picture of all the necessary elements that a pregnant woman needs.
The Problem
Along with happiness, pregnancy brings with it uncountable concerns and wonders. They are worried because of their changing body, the consistent concern that the embryo is healthy, and the uncertain future - the birth. They don't always find out who to consult with.
Along with happiness, pregnancy brings with it uncountable fears.
The solution
In order to make the pregnant woman feel peaceful, the application maintains the health of the user by strengthening the awareness of the importance of proper nutrition. In addition, strengthening the awareness of the importance of maintaining an active lifestyle. The application provides necessary information on pregnancy and giving birth. It prepares the user before giving birth and in every stage of pregnancy. Furthermore, the app cooperates with health care providers, private doctors, and hospitals.
The application maintains the health of the user, provides necessary information on pregnancy, and cooperates with health care providers.
“There’s my goal and I’ll achieve it"
- Roni Rabinovitch
Roni is a new user and it’s her first pregnancy! She’s 27 years old and got married about a year ago.
She’s in her Mid-eighth month pregnant. She lives in a rented apartment in Ramat Gan. 
Roni is above socioeconomic status - she works as a banker while her husband has a broker position.
They have a yoga class two times a week. Roni likes to dance and hang out with her friends. she’s trying to avoid sweets. She’ll use the app three or four times a week.
My process
According to the survey that I made between 30 pregnant women, the application contains the most important subjects that the users have some concern about: the baby’s growth during the weeks, the user’s rights during the pregnancy, and the ultimate way to maintain the health through sport and nutrition.

One of the things that I didn’t predict was that most women, about 80% both newly and senior moms, would prefer to consult with other pregnant women and hear from their experience. I also was amazed when 90% of the women claimed that it’s very important for them to know their rights through pregnancy and after birth.

After the survey, I’ve decided to try four Ux concepts.


The four Ux concepts: Imush, Femininity, Health, and 9 Lunar Birth​​​​​​

The Femininity concept: As I found out in my survey, pregnant women feel uncomfortable with their body changes. Therefore, I’ve decided to emphasize the great advantage of the body change during pregnancy - breast growth. The app will show the breast growth during the weeks and what kind of bra the woman should use.

Imush: Each week the embryo’s weight changes and accordingly the comparison of the embryo to other subjects such as a grain of rice or avocado. The facing towards the user will be from the embryo’s perspective.

9 Lunar birth: In this Ux concept, the user is going on a journey in order to explore the planet - her own pregnancy.

Health concept: The application is focusing on the user and the embryo’s health. the user can add shortcuts to her home page.

I’ve developed the health concept.
I’ve named my application “Briah” because it symbolizes the joy of creating new life and it also refers to the importance of being healthy through pregnancy and after birth.
When I started to build my flow chart I’ve tested it on some potential users. I’ve seen that until the third-trimester pregnant women don’t tend to think about birth. Therefore I’ve decided to place this topic under the subject ‘you and the baby’ rather than place it on the header as assumed in the beginning. I’ve also decided to cancel the shortcuts because users felt a load on the home page.
95% of the potential users claimed that sometimes they feel frustrated because everyone thinks they know what’s the best thing for them!​​​​​​​
I thought about a solution that would calm my users from the beginning of their journey, therefore I’ve decided that on my splash page it’ll be written: “Only you know what’s best for you”.

According to the results of the survey that I made, one of the users' needs was that they didn’t know how to match the week, the month, and the trimester of the pregnancy. I’ve solved it by building a diagram that shows all of these factors.
The users claimed that it’s very difficult for them to follow the health examinations range. I’ve solved it by creating a diagram that shows the range of the health examinations matching the pregnancy week.